About me

David Medina

Expert in Self-Development, Mindfulness, Self-Discovery (Hakomi), Mind-Body Connection and Yoga.

Director of the AURYN Center for Self-Development in Pamplona.

Certified HAKOMI Teacher through the HEN HAKOMI EDUCATION NETWORK. Applied Mindfulness & Assisted Self-Discovery.

Yoga teacher through the Sadhana National School. Postural Education, through the Adhara School of Postural Realignment.

I was drawn to this method through my first hand experience and the years of practice which has enabled me to witness a change in my life and the reduction of stress from past habits and beliefs.

Thanks to the Hakomi Method of Assisted Self-Discovery, Mindfulness and Yoga practice, as well as other meditative practices.

In addition to this, my life experience, the overcoming of difficulties in various stages of my life, my knowledge of the business world; of different types of management and its impact… Furthermore, being a parent and being conscious of the impact of our patterns of beliefs and behaviours in our children…

Thus, I have found myself with the duty and, of course, the excitement of teaching, providing classes and performing one-to-one sessions using these techniques. Helping people to be more conscious of their habits, behaviours and beliefs, helping them to evolve themselves into a better version. Alleviating and reducing unnecessary suffering. Generating spaces in which we can be ourselves, where listening, empathy and lack of judgement are the basic principles of the interactions.

With my passion of these practices, my wish is to share the satisfaction and potential in self development that the practice of these techniques and ways of life bring about.


After a difficult childhood and problematic teenage years, I began an extensive education in Business Administration and Economics, obtaining several degrees, some of them abroad. I got very high results that led me to receive National Awards for Highest Academic Results.

Due to my personal need, at the age of 20 I started to practice Yoga, which fascinated me, I obtained great benefits since the very beginning.

My serious spine problems also led me to try alternative therapies. These problems got significantly better when I started the practice of Postural Realignment with the Adhara School in Pamplona.

A very significant experience arrived at the age of 24, when I began to work for Bureau Veritas (BV), a French multinational company, as a Consultant, designing, implementing and training people in the Management Information System within the BV Group. There, I had first hand experience of the great demand and stress that the people working for these kind of companies endure.

I could see the impact on people from different Management Styles, I observed it carefully. I was really fortunate at the time, being able to deal with many people in important management positions within the company.

I was based in Paris at the time, traveling to perform projects in the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

Fortunately, with rising dissatisfaction due to this lifestyle, at the age of 29, I decided to abandon the job. Coming back to my home town, Pamplona, I decided to start a Practice teaching Yoga and Postural Realignment, and redirect my career to what I do now, which I really love.

The big personal shift arrived with the practice of Buddhist Meditation and a personal therapy process with Aitor Barrenetxea, Hakomi and Sensorimotor Psycotherapy therapist, the only Hakomi therapist in Spain at the time. At that time I met Sofía, the mother of my son Enzo.

The evident results and the increasing satisfaction took me to integrate HAKOMI into my professional practice. I travelled throughout 3 years to Sheffield, to be trained by Hakomi UK. After this,  I have remained in direct contact with Donna Martin and Georgia Marvin (Legacy Holders of the Method), traveling to England, Ireland and Canada. In 2013 I received certification as a Hakomi Practitioner and in 2015 I was certified as an International Hakomi Teacher. Currently I am part of the Hakomi Training Team in Bilbao. (www.hakomi.es)

In recent times I have been greatly influenced by Joe Dispenza and his powerful transformational techniques, which fit very well in all that I have previously done in my journey.

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