“The Hakomi Method uses experiments in Mindfulness as a way of assisting in the person’s self-discovery… Helping them to discover some of the habits and beliefs that organise their experience; especially those that cause unnecessary suffering” Ron Kurt (Creator of the Hakomi Method).

The Method is based on the idea that “being conscious brings us the capacity to choose and that means freedom”

Our habitual functioning is composed by; ways of perception, attitudes, behaviours, choices, feelings and emotions. All this functioning is mainly automatic and repetitive and it is conditioned by beliefs and interpretations that are generally unconscious and were originated by past experiences.

We all have ideas about who we are, the life style we should have, the people we can trust, what we can expect from life, the world and from ourselves. Ideas about what is true and real and even ideas about what we should keep far away from us.

It is important to take into account that we have learned all of this by imitation and by the early interpretation of events. Eventually, all of this information, in the form of beliefs, has become unconscious and, furthermore, they are currently irrelevant, not true or obsolete. We need to examine and update those beliefs.

In order for a person to change those old habits and beliefs, they first need to be aware of them. They need the make them conscious, examine and understand them.

Hakomi is a Method that allows us to discover and change all of this in a soft but deep way. We create a welcoming and accepting environment that we call Loving Presence, we use Mindfulness as a basic state of mind, and it is based on the acknowledgement that body and mind are not separate.

The practice reveals those generally inaccessible mental processes (habits, emotions, memories and beliefs) so that they can be examined and, later on, modified and updated.

We discover all of this by carrying out little experiments in Mindfulness. These experiments are designed to evoke reactions that will reveal the person’s automatic and unconscious patterns.

Thus, the process will lead us to live with more nourishing experiences or experiences that have not taken place in the past. Paving the way through new emotional management, a liberation from old models of behaviour and living more satisfying human relationships.


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