Loving presence

“Nothing is worth more in life than having loving and understanding relationships…, nothing is so urgent, difficult, meaningful and valuable than the fact of being loved by someone.” Donna Martin. (Picture Below: Ron Kurtz, creator of the Hakomi Method, and Donna Martin, Senior Trainer and Legacy Holder from HEN Hakomi Education Network)


In our courses, a habitual exercise begins by asking, in a state of Mindfulness, how would the ideal person be, a person that you would choose to share your problems and deep worries with.

After carrying out this exercise, a number of times and within groups of very different sizes, the result has always been the same. People asked, always pointed out to the same qualities:

“Somebody that listens to me, who is available, present, does not judge me, does not want to change me, somebody that appreciates me, compassionate, affectionate…”

(More qualities appear every time but these ones repetitively arise).

Therefore, in the Hakomi Method we try to deliberately locate ourselves in that emotional place and, actively offer all of this. These qualities that we find that are very close to the deepest and most intimate wish of every person.

Whenever this affection is offered in a relationship, it creates a very powerful effect in the other person. Probably, without even noticing it, they are going to feel safer, listened to, appreciated and even understood. In this context, the possibility of changing or simply of establishing emotionally satisfying relationships, increases enormously.

Loving Presence and the emotional support are key components whenever we have to relate to others. In any aspect of our lives, on a private or professional level, in certain places and with certain people, its presence or absence will change the way we feel for the good or the bad.  All of us have experimented with this in different moments of our lives.

In Loving Presence we pay special attention to being present and being compassionate. The positive effects of this are immense.

Loving Presence is not only easy to detect, is also easy to teach, learn and train. We train this experientially using a simple sequence of steps. Both in our regular courses and in the training provided by the Hakomi Education Network.



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