Other techniques

Among other techniques that we use in the one-to-one sessions and in the groups, we must highlight those coming from the Postural Realignment (Ripodas Method), Joe Dispenza´s Techniques (“Evolve your brain”, “You are the placebo”) and Rick Hanson´s (“Hardwiring Happiness”, “Buddha’s Brain”). They are the most used due to their effectiveness:

  • Mental Rehearsal: It is a way of generating emotions, feelings and states of being that we want to develop. We do this through mental visualisation and imagination. It helps us to change the mind and the physical structure of the brain by creating new, more positive and healthy circuits of connected neurones. We can also work the other way around, once a positive and non habitual emotion has been generated, by using our imagination we can travel to our everyday life so as to rehearse how it is going to be to lived by that emotional state.
  • Taking in the good: By using Mindfulness we can, once a nourishing experience is happening, begin to settle it more intensely in our neural circuits. We will do this by paying attention, savouring, being aware of the characteristics of that experience, its novelty, its bodily expression, its sensations, attached thoughts and emotions… Therefore, we can take in the good from an experience which is actually occurring or from an experience created through “Mental Rehearsal”. Therefore, both of these techniques complement each other.

These last techniques are based on the discoveries about the plasticity of the brain, Donald Hebb’s statement, “Neurones that fire together, wire together”, and the fact that the brain learns by repetition, by mistakes and it also learns by concentration.

The transformational power of both techniques makes them a wonderful help for clients to practice,  so as to settle in the changes happening in the one-to-one sessions. In these sessions we mainly use the Hakomi Method of Assisted Self-Discovery.

In addition to this, for years, I have been working as a bodyworker. For several years this activity was my main source of income…I have been trained and I have performed one-to-one and group sessions of:

  • Postural Realignment Education (Ripodas Method): We start by reading the body imbalances and then, by using massage and stretching, we recover the natural balance of the body allowing a better function of the locomotor system. In the group sessions we teach the person to identify those imbalances in front of a mirror and we offer tools to correct those imbalances. For that purpose we use balls, sticks for self-massage and stretching exercises.

Using this Method we could provide personal assessments or group classes.



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