More than two decades of practice has brought me here, the more recent one as a teacher after being trained for 5 years in the National School, Sadhana. Yoga is one of my biggest passions, since my 20’s I have been fortunate enough to experience its benefits in my own practice and as a yoga teacher.

I have always been fascinated by its capacity to unblock stuck energies, allowing the person to be conscious of the body and to transform negative emotional states.


Yoga classes in Pamplona

I have taught regular weekly classes to a wide range of different people (intellectually impaired, the elderly, groups of mixed ages) as well as leading weekend retreats to large groups (30 to 40 people).

In addition to this, I have been trained throughout two years in a very efficient Method of Postural Realignment (Rípodas Method) and I have been performing one-to-one sessions and group classes for the past 7 years. This length of experience allows me to efficiently read the bodies disbalances and to suggest practices that could correct these imbalances. Thus, allowing a better functioning of the body.

That definitely fosters the quality of any Yoga class and, above all, the personal suggestions, corrections and advice that I could provide.

Our proposal is an adaptation to the modern needs of the Millenary Yoga techniques that were born in India. I am passionate about the fusion between the knowledge of the ancient traditions with our modern science.

We start with the Hatha Yoga (Physical Yoga/Postures), with its strengthening and stretching exercises and the different breathing techniques (Pranayama). As a result, we will prepare sessions that allow us to improve our physical health, it will increase our capacity to disconnect from our daily problems and allow us to relax more easily.

It will foster the understanding of how our body is functioning, which unnecessary gestures we are making through our postures, where our tensions are located in the body, when they appear and how to relax them…

We will also introduce different techniques including concentration, meditation, visualisation and seed thoughts. Taking into account the functioning of the Energy Centres and the information stored in them, we will work on perceiving them and the mobilisation of their energy.

All of this will lead us to feel more whole and will boost the vital energy levels and the capacity of the body to heal itself.

In addition to that, a better understanding of ourselves will be developed with the aim of improving our relationships with ourselves and with our environment.

yoga classes in Pamplona

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