For more than two decades, I have been fascinated by contemplative practices, over time, in my own personal experience as well as the latest scientific studies, have revealed these practices are key for any process of Self-Development and personal change.

If we understand Mindfulness as a way of paying attention to the present moment, it is a concept that can gather a broad range of disciplines, all of them with the aim of concentrating and focusing the mind.

Among our main areas of expertise, those in which we have wide academic training and experience, we can include Yoga, Buddhist Meditation, techniques of Mindfulness for Stress Reduction, Rick Hanson (“Hardwiring Happiness”, “Buddha’s Brain”) and Joe Dispenza’s (“Evolve your Brain”, “You are the placebo”) approaches. This last one suggest very powerful transformational tools in which he uses meditation to perform “Mental Rehearsal” and generate “positive emotions”.

In the following sections, we are going explain and elaborate on what we can offer using each one of these practices.


Do you have the feeling you’re going through life on “autopilot”? Do you demonstrate behaviours that are not beneficial to you and you repeat them over and over again?


Some examples:

  • You realise that you live life with too much tension…
  • You find yourself clenching your jaws on a Sunday afternoon while sitting on your couch watching a movie…
  • You distrust people…
  • You get very angry about things of no importance…
  • You have difficulties in saying “no”…
  • You believe that life cannot change…

Would you like to change all of this and reduce your everyday stress?

The good news is, that there are tools available that allow us to discover all of this and modify it. Introduce changes that allow us to live a more relaxed life, reduce our daily stress and be more at ease with life and with our relationships.

One of these key tools is MINDFULNESS, as a deliberate attention to the present moment, without judgement. Accepting the present moment as it is, being aware of our own experience, with curiosity, while it is happening.

Among its many benefits, Stress Reduction has been the most widespread and studied. It produces an inner feeling of wellbeing, increases our capacity for establishing more satisfying relationships and produces better function of the inmune system.

Thus, by the practice of Mindfulness and its exercises of concentration and meditation we can receive these benefits. In addition to this, by observing our habits, applying Mindfulness to our everyday moments, we will discover how to introduce new responses, creating new habits and beliefs that allow us to be more at ease with life.

It will also help us in the management of uncomfortable emotional states and it will boost our capacity for introducing positive changes in our lives.



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